​​​​​​​​​​​Fishing for Food Program  

60,000 pounds of fish donated to those in need in four years! Over 180,000 meals!!!

We provide thousands of pounds of fish to children's feeding centers, boys and girls orphanage, men's rehab centers, churches and families in need.

A BIG Thank you Kevin and Kim Wall for allowing us to use their 51' boat "Fearless"

Along with our own efforts, the Bisbee fishing tournament gives us the fish that come to the scale every year! We have received over 30,000 lbs of fish for the needy in four years with this tournament

 Family Support  

Help meet needs in various areas for families and individuals in severe poverty

(Beds, clothing, food, house repairs, school supplies and uniforms etc)

Construction Projects

Build homes, individual bathrooms, feeding centers, walls, security gates etc.

University Scholarships

Provide university level scholarships to students who excel academically but would never be able to attend university due to their severe financial situation. 

(Currently providing scholarships for students pursuing degrees in Medicine, Dental, Hotel Management and Business Administration) 

School scholarships for children
Provide K-12 scholarships to barrio children to a private Christian school through sponsorships 

 Feeding Centers 

Feed Children weekly as well as teach them bible stories, make crafts, provide clothing and have a lot of fun! Please join us ANY time you are in Cabo. Many have said it was the best part of their vacation!

It's an amazing honor to be called by God to Cabo San Lucas to serve the beautiful people here. It is a blessing and a privilege for our family to serve alongside amazing ministries, for a common goal in helping the underprivileged and making Jesus Christ known!

Isaiah 58:10-11
If you feed the hungry and satisfy the needs of those who suffer, then your light will shine in the darkness and your darkness will be like the brightest time of the day. The Lord will guide you and meet all your needs in a sun scorched land and restore your strength.

Dave, Jen and Adam Limpert